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Quick Scan: Sloterdijk

Quick Scan: Sloterdijk

Spring Real Estate’s Dutch Office Locations Ranking 2017, published in December, ranked 145 office locations in 34 municipalities on their lettability score. In the coming months, an in-depth analysis of some key markets will be published. We kick-off with Sloterdijk, located in Amsterdam.

Sloterdijk is quickly shifting from an unappealing and monofunctional office location towards a vibrant and lively city district. Current changes are mainly due to redevelopments of office buildings. This process will continue unabated, but will also be strengthened because the municipality of Amsterdam has sold derelict plots for the benefit of large-scale housing developments. In the meantime vacancy rates are declining from over 22% in 2015 to 12.5% today. Thereby, rent levels are rising to pre-crisis highs.

All office buildings and converted office buildings in Sloterdijk are presented in our in-depth analysis, based on the Springbase. Other buildings are left out of consideration.

Office stock


Market rental price


Arlandaweg 100-110
Arlandaweg 10-28
Arlandaweg 159 (Telespy)
Arlandaweg 88 (Eigen Haard)
Arlandaweg 92 (Samsam Offices)
Barasjasweg 60
Basisweg 10
Condensatorweg 54 (Quarter Avenue)
Contactweg 145-163 (Dynamic Cr.)
Donauweg 2B
Gatwickstraat 1
Gatwickstraat 9 (Quarter Podium)
Gyroscoopweg 144-146 (Park West)
Gyroscoopweg 86-88
Heathrowstraat 3
Kabelweg 21 (Einstein)
Kabelweg 25 (Nationale Politie)
Kabelweg 31-37 (Coengebouw)
Kabelweg 39-47 (Clipper Gebouw)
Kabelweg 49-55 (Ziggo)
Kabelweg 57-73 (Vida)
Kingsfordweg 1 (Het Boek)
Kingsfordweg 151 (Teleport Towers)
Kingsfordweg 43-117 (Q-Port)
La Guardiaweg 36-66 (Bright Offices)
La Guardiaweg 3-7 (The Dam)
La Guardiaweg 4 (Maincourt)
Molenwerf 10-24
Molenwerf 1-3 (De Roze Olifant)
Naritaweg 10
Naritaweg 127-137 (Centre Court C)
Naritaweg 139-149
Naritaweg 1-45 (Orly Centre)
Naritaweg 151
Naritaweg 165-175
Naritaweg 175-187
Naritaweg 199-209
Naritaweg 221
Orlyplein 10-74 (Crystal Tower)
Orlyplein 141-157 (Orly Plaza)
Orlyplein 1-97 (Busitel I)
Orlyplein 2-8 (Spark)
Radarweg 29 (Millenium Tower)
Radarweg 501-549 (Travelport)
Radarweg 60 (Radarport)
Teleportboulevard 100-110 (Tauro)
Teleportboulevard 120-142 (One20)
Teleportboulevard 121 (Glass House)
Transformatorweg 66-72 (Imca)
Transformatorweg 112 (Quarter Plaza)
Zekeringstraat 27-35 (Penta Park)
Zekeringstraat 42-50 (Alpha Park)
Zekeringstraat 43
Zekeringstraat 9-15 (Alfa Piazza)

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